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The legal office of Private enforcement agent Miroslav Kolev

The legal office of Private enforcement agent Miroslav Kolev started its legal practice in 2006 with the implementation of the private enforcement in Bulgaria. Through the years, it became recognizable with the professional and efficient legal actions related to the forced realization of rights. Regardless of the case – whether it is non-standard, including a cross-border element or classic forcible execution against a mortgagor or pledger, the firm carries out all the necessary procedural steps, complying with the highest standards.

The legal firm has an Assistant private enforcement agent – Mr. Valentin Vasilev, who is part of the firm since 2007. His legal experience is completely specialized in the area of the enforcement law and procedures. With his rich expertise and professional approach, Valentin Vasilev possesses capacity to assist you with every case or question.
Do not hesitate to contact him in case of need:
Email: vvasilev@mkolev.com
Phone: 0876/ 83 56 55


Individual approach


Direct communication


Efficiency and fast procedural actions


Transparency and lawfulness

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Extensive experience

The legal firm possesses a legal and administrative team, having a considerable experience in the area of enforcement procedures in Bulgaria, which is a guarantee for the lawful, transparent and fast enforcement of the civil and commercial court judgements being the legal grounds of the execution writs

Individual approach

An unquestionable advantage with the legal work with us is the individual approach with every client whatever the monetary size of the subject-matter or the number of previous assigned enforcement cases, as well as the direct communication available for all questions of our clients.

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